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Scarlett Vanichi

My first experience of loving art was in the 70's when I showed an interest in my Nan's pictures by Lynch Kitsch which was very much vintage retro art. Her picture of the old mill by C Strachan, sticks out in my mind too as we grew up in the country and we would go walking down to the mill. Two very different styles of art but both made me smile and still do! Both I have a strong connection with.

My passion grew from visiting art galleries in various towns, I then started to buy art myself and my passion and collection of art grew stronger still.

Art is very personal to every individual, you connect with a piece of art and it usually reminds us of something we love or remember from the past, this is where it becomes your passion.

Art is powerful in the way that it makes you see what you want to see in that painting, it can change depending on your mood.

So long as the art makes you smile, that’s what I love the most about being around art. It makes me smile.